An Update on Commenting Frequency

As the start of term looms, it’s back to work for me and I won’t be able to check this blog as often as I’d like. This means that your comments may not appear immediately on this blog (because they need to be approved by an admin, i.e. me) and I will take some time to reply to them. 

Regarding my recipes: I have endeavoured to make my directions as lucid as possible. If it’s an urgent question, try Googling for the answer first as I will most likely not be able to give an answer immediately.  

I will, however, continue to post a recipe and a review on most weeks. These have been written some months prior to the dates on which they are published, so again, I must ask you to be patient in waiting for a reply since I’m not actually actively checking the blog! 

Thank you for visiting this blog and your patience in awaiting a reply to your comments. I hope you enjoy reading the posts I have lined up for you!

Till we meet again in December,

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